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Blizz max Participants error

Last night I attempted my first meeting with more than 1 other attendee.  I have a Core subscription, which clearly says it permits 10 Participants in addition to the Presenter.  When others tried to join the meeting, a popup box said that no more could join becasue the limit of 5 had been reached.  This was erroneous in two ways: first, only three people INCLUDING the Presenter were present; and, the subscription is for 10 Partciipants, not 5.  Support was not available on the 800 #, and the ticketing system is only for TeamViewer and TV IoT, so it's unclear how to get support for Blizz.  Please help me correct this problem or I'll have to drop my subscription.  Thanks.    

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Posted by Blizz Staff
Blizz Staff

Re: Blizz max Participants error

Please make sure that you are logged in correctly. You would see the subscription name below your profile name right at the upper left corner of the client window beyond the blizz logo.

It should work as designed and you should not experience this issue.

Otherwise, you can use this form to submit a ticket.