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Difficulty logging on to BLIZZ.. cant type in password

I am trying to log into Blizz using my Teamview account.  First the software takes forever to load and any selection results in a very long response time.  (no its not my internet).  When I type in my Teamview email address, then TRY To type in my password.  One character into the password the web site "accepts" it and tries to log on.  

How it is possible to have a log in that is so full of bugs.  (MAC High Sierra).  

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Posted by Blizz Staff
Blizz Staff

Re: Difficulty logging on to BLIZZ.. cant type in password

Dear @NevadaSD

Thank you for contacting us. 

The Blizz account runs through the TeamViewer servers. TeamViewer prefers to make outbound TCP and UDP connections over port 5938. Please verify your Firewall and make sure that this port is allowed. 

Should the behaviour still persist even when the port is open, we would then need to check if the TeamViewer domain is being blocked or slowed down by anything else. If you have a Crew or a Company license, please raise a ticket in our portal and we will be glad to look into it. 

For further information on the Firewall settings, please visit this article. 

Have a nice Wednesday!