Reinstall prior version

Posted by jg1012002

Reinstall prior version

I installed the new version but want to go back to the old version.  Is there a way to do that?

The new interface just doesn't work for me.

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Posted by Blizz Staff
Blizz Staff

Re: Reinstall prior version

Hi jg1012002,

I'm sorry to hear that the new meeting panel doesn't work for you. 

You can activate the old panel via Options -> Profile -> Use new user interface.

Maybe you can give us feedback and explain what you miss in the new meeting panel?

Best regards,


Posted by hammerd200

Re: Reinstall prior version

I agree witht the person who started this post.  The new software is not working AT ALL for me.  The sound no longer works when I have a Blizz meeting open.  Normally I can have 6 computer join my meeting and I can play a video from my computer and they can all hear the sound from my speakers (we are all in the same classroom).  As soon as you updated the software, my speakers work at a tiny fraction of the volume as before.  None of my students can even hear what is being said.  

Additionally, I find it difficult to find the task bar once you minimize it.  It disappears and I have to jump around my screens to try to find it.  Sometimes the only way to get it back is to close my meeting and start a new one.  When you have 30 middle schoolers sitting around waiting for me to get the screen back up, that is not good. 

Sadly disappointed in the new software.

Posted by Blizz Staff
Blizz Staff

Re: Reinstall prior version

Dear @hammerd200

Thank you for sending us your feedback on this. 

In order to investigate the problems that you are having with the sound, please submit a ticket under the folllowing link and provide us also with your license details. Also let us know if you are only having these issues with the new interface. 

We appreciate your repsonse and have a lovely weekend.