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microphone not working

I just tested Blizz via PC & Smartphone. Everything worked nicely, except for the microphone (smartphone). I could hear what I am saying via the PC on my smartphone, but if I talked on my phone, the voice could not be heard on the PC. (Smartphone was unmuted after connecting)

Wher can the problem be here?

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Re: microphone not working

The problem might be in your smartphone settings... You need to allow the usage of you microphone in your blizz application. As soon as you installed it, the App should've asked you, if you allow it to use your microphone.

You need to allow it...

you might need to change your management settings for your access authorisation...

hope it helps you out!
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Re: microphone not working

Hi, I already enabled the use of the microphone and checked it in the settings. Its enabled, but still it does not work at all.