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Hi all,

I assume you are reading these lines because of a message you got from your TeamViewer software.

Possibly something about an expired trial or a suspected commercial usage.

I have good news for you: You found a post that sheds some light on the topic in case you are wondering what it is all about.

This post has an average reading time of more than 10 minutes and with this, it is quite long. You can also browse the table of content below to find the chapter you are interested in the most:





The new normal

While most of us are still experiencing life in a more or less strict lock-down due to the Coronavirus Crisis, the importance of connections is becoming more apparent to many of us.

Many are talking about social distancing, but that's - as you know - not entirely accurate: It is physical distancing

An with this, digitalization and remote connections are now part of our lives more than ever before. 

  • Working remotely
  • Staying in contact with family, friends, and colleagues remotely 
  • Running our lives and businesses from the safety of your home remotely.

Doing things remotely is part of the new normal.


Helping people

Today I was thinking about the meaning of this sentence:

TeamViewer empowers people to help others beyond borders and barriers.

This sentence is already a few years old, but it is still relevant today. Maybe more than ever?!

Well - first of all: I like this sentence. It is very powerful as it describes the Core of what people are doing: Independently from borders and barriers, distances, and uncertainties, people will always strive to help each other.

Whether it is your mom struggling with the new email-program, your friend getting error messages they do not understand, or your brother who needs a helping hand with his mobile device.

In all these cases, TeamViewer is there for you. TeamViewer empowers you to help others and to stay in contact no matter the physical distance or the physical distancing we have been asked to follow.

All that is free of charge for private use. We here at TeamViewer want to support you in helping others by providing TeamViewer as a great software free of charge for private usage.


How is that possible?

Yes - how can TeamViewer do this? How can TeamViewer afford to develop and maintain a stable, secure, and feature-rich software without asking for money?

Glad you asked!

TeamViewer is not free of charge for everyone. TeamViewer asks commercial users to purchase a license, and with this, we can continue providing the free version for all private users of our software.

There have been quite some discussions and questions about the question of what is private use and what is commercial use. Who needs to buy a license, and who can use the version for free?

I fully understand the questions and all of you who want to have a clear answer about what to do.

Today, I want to dive a bit deeper into that topic and explain the differences in larger detail.

Let me begin by talking about the TeamViewer Trial and after that, Commercial Use Suspected as it is essential to understand the difference before going more into detail.


TeamViewer Trial

Most of you know that TeamViewer asks its users during the installation of the software how they intend to use the software; for private use, or for commercial use

Update from September 17th, 2020:
In case you are installing TeamViewer on or after September 17th, 2020, you are no longer able to start a trial directly during the installation. The software will offer you during the installation to contact our Sales team to request an official trial that allows you to test TeamViewer with the full feature-set of a licensed version.

All other users can benefit from the default installation of the free version of TeamViewer.

Therefore, this chapter about "Trial expired" only applies to devices that have been downloading the TeamViewer software prior to September 17th, 2020.

If you choose commercial or both during the installation a trial phase for the commercial usage of the software starts.

What does that mean?

In this case, TeamViewer gives you as a commercial user a free-of-charge trial of the software.

Now you have time to test and check the software alone or with your team to evaluate whether-or-not to use TeamViewer in your business.

  • Did you like the outcome? Did TeamViewer convince you with its performance or the ease of use - GREAT! Now, you can go ahead and purchase a license and roll out TeamViewer in your company to start supporting your customers and colleagues.
    • If you already have a license - make sure it is activated on your account and that you are signed in with that account to the Computers & Contacts list.
  • Did you conclude that TeamViewer might not be the best fit for your needs? That´s sad news! Maybe you want to give us a call and discuss your findings, and I hope our team can help you to see the benefits and strengthens of our software. But if you still say no - we are sad to see you leave, and we wish you all the best for your future and hope to see you once again!

If you -on the other hand- choose private during the installation you did not start a trial version but the regular free version of TeamViewer. As no trial starts, no trial can end and you can use TeamViewer happily ever after. 

The trial version expired?? No worries!

Did you enjoy your software trial? Did TeamViewer convince you? Perfect - now it is time to

Well - I also know of cases where users rushed through the installation because they simply wanted to use the program and -dang- a trial starts even though they never intended to trial TeamViewer for later business use. They accidentally choose "commercial", started a trial, and now it is expired. 

For all of you experiencing exactly this, I have good news for you: No worries! We thought about these cases and created a form for you. You can request that we change the indented usage for you from commercial to private.

Please allow me to give you a pro-tip: Do not believe anyone telling you to uninstall and reinstall TeamViewer to get the trial removed. That does not work. Believe me - save yourself that time and the disappointment of the re-install burden. Just fill out the form and restart the TeamViewer service once you get an email from us or, alternatively, one or two days later if you do not hear back from us (yes - emails are not always delivered)

Request reset for an expired trial

As a personal side note: I realized that there is a bit of confusion with the trial and I wanted to make clear, that a trial does not start because TeamViewer thinks you are using it commercially:

  1. A trial will only start if you tell the software that your intention is to use it commercially or both commercially and privately together during the installation.
  2. The other possibility is, that you installed TeamViewer on a server OS. A server OS does indeed require a license and a free usage is not possible. That means also filling out the form will not remove the trial from your device.


TeamViewer suspects commercial usage

If your TeamViewer tells you it suspects you to use the software commercially, I already know two things about you:

  1. You choose private as the intended usage when installing TeamViewer 
  2. Your usage pattern indicates a commercial usage of TeamViewer

And now you know two things about TeamViewer:

  1. TeamViewer understands and acknowledges that your individual free private use may be irregular at times where you need to help your friends and family - still we allow us to ask you the question of whether your usage changed from private to commercial.
  2. TeamViewer compares your usage patterns with typical usage patterns of free private users and with typical usage patterns of business or enterprise users.

Please excuse, if the suspicion of you using TeamViewer commercially might be false - a so-called false-positive. We know that there can be cases where the usage of the software might be broader, more intense but still totally private.

And you already might guess it: For those cases, we offer you to review and to re-evaluate the usage-suspicion and to reset the limitations of your TeamViewer Device ID or TeamViewer account. 

Request reset for a suspected commercial use

If you are able to verify an exclusively private use, we are happy to reset access to our software and services for you.

Sorry - Now it is getting a bit less chatty and more formal: And even if TeamViewer continues to suspect a commercial use after reviewing your commercial-use-suspected form (and your usage explanation), we give you the opportunity to fill out a self-declaration of free private use in accordance with the TeamViewer EULAIf we receive such a self-declaration, we will reset access to our software and services for you. However, TeamViewer does reserve the right to take further actions in case your usage pattern indicates a commercial use again at a later stage. These further actions may result in suspending or closing your TeamViewer account and/or TeamViewer IDs or suspending or limiting the connection duration.

Please understand that we always did, continue to do so, and will always protect our software against misuse. Intended and unintended. Still - Communication is key. Let´s stay in contact, let´s learn from each other, and let´s be successful together!

I think it is crucial to keep on talking about it, keep on educating everyone e.g., about what we consider private or commercial, keep on having a realistic look on what is going on, and adjust what we are doing. 

Maybe a good example of such an adjustment is the current Coronavirus Crisis: Here, we are not pushy. We understand this as a special situation. A situation in which we are asked to not ask too many questions. And this is what we do. 

One thing is for sure: We are thankful for everyone who is playing fair. We are thankful for everyone who is supporting us and others by buying a license for using TeamViewer for business.

I think, every now and then it makes sense for everyone to review its own usage and asking the following or similar questions: Didn´t I start using TeamViewer for my business? Didn´t I begin to connect through TeamViewer to quickly read my emails? Didn´t I benefit from TeamViewer and ease my work-life balance? Didn´t I work from home via TeamViewer?

And if you can answer one of these questions with yes: Here is the link to our webshop: 🙌 Thank you for playing fair!


Still suspected to use TeamViewer commercially?

OK - your TeamViewer has been suspected to be used commercially, you filled out the form as you are certain, that this is not the case. You now got the confirmation for the reset of your TeamViewer ID but you are still getting the message saying you are suspected to use TeamViewer commercially?

What is going on you may ask yourself.

If you are still getting the PopUp saying you are using TeamViewer commercially, it is possible that the TeamViewer ID of the remote device (the one you are trying to connect to) might be under this suspicion. The thing is: Both sides of the connection get the PopUp about the commercial suspicion.

A TeamViewer connection always involves two devices and with this: two TeamViewer IDs.
Therefore, if you are still getting the message, even though you received a confirmation saying that your TeamViewer ID has been reset, it is most probably due to the fact that the TeamViewer ID of the remote device you are trying to connect to is suspected to be used commercially. 

In this case, please repeat the process and fill out an additional form for this TeamViewer ID as well.


Shutting down the free usage? NO!

I hope this is crystal-clear by now, but still: Some people have been worrying about whether TeamViewer wants to stop offering its free service for private users.

We always tried to be very clear with our replies and take away this fear from our users by giving a clear answer: 

No. The private use of TeamViewer is free.

And this is it: Nothing more to say about it. TeamViewer is free for private use.


What is considered private?

This is the one-million-dollar question. Or rather in our case, the-starting-at-10-dollar-a-month question.

Let us start here: Private usage is most likely given when you are using our software and services solely in the context of activities, in the environment and with the equipment available for you within your private and/or family life context.

I collected a few examples of private use for you for a better understanding:

✔ You are providing free computer support to a family member or friend using a private PC from home

✔ You are using TeamViewer on one of your private devices to connect to another private device; e.g. to look for a file stored locally;

✔ You are helping your family members to set up their private (mobile) devices;

✔ You are teaching a family member how to use a new program;

✔ You are using TeamViewer as a communication tool for interaction with family members or friends;

✔ You are using TeamViewer to connect to your personal gaming device (non-server operating system).


What is considered commercial?

My understanding of commercial usage:

Commercial use is any use of our software and services in the context of an activity or environment that goes beyond your private or family life.

Your private use includes your circle of friends and your family but not your customers and colleagues and also not your office, work devices, or corporate network.

Commercial use includes any activities related to your work but it is not limited to a context where there is any relation to gainful activities of any sort. That means e.g., that the usage of TeamViewer within a club that has membership fees or pays rent for its facilities is considered commercial. 

Allow me to share some relevant factors that are applied by TeamViewer to identify commercial use:

  • usage patterns typical for business or enterprise users, e.g., using email addresses with commercial domains for a TeamViewer account,
  • connections to, from or within a corporate network,
  • connections to, from or within a server operating system,
  • using typical device specifications or device types indicating a business-relation.

OK - let´s put that information in a few examples:

✔ You are using TeamViewer for activities related to your work

✔ You are providing support to your customers, clients or colleagues; 

✔ You are using TeamViewer in your home office or for connecting to or from your work computer; 

✔ You are monitoring or connecting to one or more devices running a Windows server operating system. 

✔ You are connecting from your work PC to your home PC (or wise versa) to access files stored locally. 

✔ You are using TeamViewer as a communication tool within your company or for work purposes


Commercial or Private?

Ok - let´s make this a game and you can guess: Is it private or commercial usage?

  1. I am using TeamViewer in my home office for connections 
    Commercial usage
  2. My father has a new tablet and needs my help in setting it up 
    Private usage
  3. I want to play a video game after work at home and I am using TeamViewer from my mobile to stand in the queue 
    Private usage
  4. I am connecting from my mobile to my work computer to check some emails when on the go
    Commercial usage
  5. I am teaching a family member how to use a new program 
    Private Usage
  6. My father has a new tablet and needs my help in setting it up. As I am at work I quickly connect from my work computer to his tablet. 
    Commercial usage
  7. I am using TeamViewer for chatting and video calls with a friend 
    Private usage
  8. I am teaching a colleague how to use a new program 
    Commercial usage
  9. I am teaching a customer how to use a new program 
    Commercial usage
  10. I am connecting from my work PC to my home PC to access files stored locally
    Commercial usage
  11. I am providing tech support for a living and use TeamViewer as a remote support tool
    Commercial usage
  12. I am using TeamViewer on one of my private devices to connect to my other private devices; e.g. to look for a file stored locally;
    Private usage
  13. I am connecting from my home network to my private server running a Server OS.
    Commercial use
    For more information regarding the use of TeamViewer with devices running a Server OS, please check our post here: Is using a Server OS violating the private use policy? 

If it takes Teamviewer one week or a few weeks or more than a month to reset an ID to private (non-commercial might be a better terminology), why not give the suspected commercial user a month of warnings instead of an immediate ban? That way the many, many people that are falsely accused can continue to help their friends and family or access their other devices unimpeded while Teamviewer takes the time to check. Think how many people posting in this forum would have no need if they weren't blocked. Think how much bad will you would avoid.

Community Manager

@toasterking @Cgrodsky @bazbsg The reset process has been accelerated in the past months to around 2-3 days. However - I will check internally whether there is some delay at the moment. Sorry to all of you who are currently waiting!


The generate pdf is not working and hasn't been for several days. Quite frankly, this is very poor customer service and shows a lack of care for your user base. Looks like time to find an alternative. 

Reading many of the posts here, TeamViewer flat out doesn't care.


For some reason TeamViewer management decided to deploy tech changes to support a policy which itself is obviously sensible.  As a retired IT professional I fully support enforcement of paid licensing for commercial use.  But their execution on this front has been terrible.  The "commercial use detected" logic is clearly flawed and lacks transparency.  When I was employed, I took the initiative and brought Teamviewer into my company, displacing Dameware and RDP.  Since I retired in 2011 I have used Teamviewer to support friends and family, always in their and my home environments, and never for commercial or paid use. 

I'm sure many of us have been incorrectly and falsely accused by Teamviewer of inappropriate commercial use. The accusation is absolutely without merit, and is offensive.  What's worse, Teamviewer management don't seem to notice the problem, which is made worse by ongoing repeated incidents.  Worse still, is the response - to disable accounts without warning and then wait for us to challenge them.  I can’t begin to describe the inconvenience this has caused for my account and family members who rely on me for support.

All without showing any of us a shred of evidence.  Were management to let us see what these "commercial use" claims are based on, in detail, I'm confident many if not most would be seen as misunderstanding on their part and cleared up, and perhaps their algorithm could be fixed and improved.

Elsewhere in this forum I saw a suggestion that perhaps one of the computers in one’s Teamviewer constellation may have been implicated in commercial use, and that somehow caused another computer to get blocked, because of their Teamviewer relationship.  I really hope that isn’t the case…

Teamviewer is a very expensive piece of software for retired folks like me.  Trying to force me into buying a commercial license, is only going to drive me to a competitor.

I submitted a "reset request" form a few days ago.  The response was to persist in their original position - that somehow I'm using or have used it for commercial purposes, without any supporting evidence.

I submitted yet another "reset request" today, which I'm hopeful will fix my situation.  I like Teamviewer and have used it for a long time.  But I can’t tolerate these repetitive, deliberate, misguided disruptions.  I've been told that I should consider "**Third Party Product**".  I really hope Teamviewer management will take a closer look and get to the root of this problem, very quickly, before things get out of hand.


Same issues as above.

Trying to reset due to false positive regarding commercial use.

When attempting reset, PDF create doesn't create. It simply says it's waiting for facebook and then won't proceed. 

Please advise

Unfortunately I was hit with the "suspected commercial use". While I was typing my answer to the question "How are you using TeamViewer?" your site generated the PDF without notice in the middle of my typing and asked me to save it which I didn't because it was incomplete. Right now I am stuck because I cannot go back to typing the answer and regenerate the PDF and I cannot download the incomplete PDF you generated because the download button is not working. I tryed a different browser, went again with all the security for you to make sure it is me but nothing changed, you remembered there was a PDF generated and now the site expects me to upload the file that doesn't exist.

I guess I'll call your number to see what exactly I can do do move on.

Thank you and kind regards!


@EstherI am experiencing the same issue as a few others where I need to add a few ID's to that list after an initial submission. I inadvertently used an incorrect (old) ID, which was reviewed and reset apparently. I say apparently because its for an old comupter I no longer use.(thats on me) So I have been verified as non-commercial, but not on the ID's that I need. I now need to resubmit a new form, which I am not allowed to do, due to the reply (others have seen) telling me that my earlier submission is still under review, despite the fact I received an email stating that my review was completed (in a very timely manner mind you, thank you). But it seems there is a glitch in the acknowledgement portion of the process? I should be able to resubmit a new form as the 1 and only review I already submitted has taken place and my 1 ID reset. So I either need my earlier submission properly marked as reviewed and complete, or another way to submit the other ID's for review and reset. PLEASE HELP!

Thanks, Doug


I got flagged as commercial, trying to help my mom with iPad.  I haven't had a session in 4 months, AND the page for requesting redress is broken, broken, broken, tried more than a dozen times.  I've recommended TV to so many commercial entities and used at work (with paid license) so many places, it's truly disappointing to see TV fall down, when now is their time to shine.  Perhaps they just aren't up to the task?  I get trying to shut out cheaters, and even a bit dodgy request site, but with no other avenues to correct this, I guess I have to find a new plan?  

please post an email so I can at least tell you your site is BROKEN!!!

Community Manager

@MacD3inCBUS @DonMunn @ztwr03 @DanielIonescu @JamesH5100 Thanks for your feedback. I requested a review of the page and the submission-process internally. I hope, they can fix the issues you described as soon as possible.

@roningram Thanks for your feedback! I forwarded it internally. 

Community Manager

Hi all - I got the confirmation from our developers that they found the issue causing the form to show you that an earlier submission is still under review even though it was already resolved. Even better: They were able to fix it and now the form works again as expected. Thanks and sorry for the hassle, Esther


Esther, thank you for looking into it, but what ever they did still did not fix it.

If you do manage to get past the "Bad Gateway" errors, the generate pdf button still does not work, at least not in chrome, firefox and edge.

I managed to get thru to sales team that gave me a work around, we will see how long that takes.


@Esther  It's actually not. I just tried to use the reset form. It took me over an hour to get everything submitted because the process kept timing out and then just kept loading a broken gateway (502 error). In addition, the PDF it generated was a corrupted file that couldn't be opened, and it wouldn't let me generate a new one. (I ended up reusing an older version and replacing the ID.) And I'm not sure it even submitted since it timed out so many times when I tried to upload the file.

Community Manager

@Stephaly Thanks for the feedback. We´ll investigate.


I submitted the reset form, and my ID was reset. The next day, it boots me out again saying commerical use was detected. Lol. Whatever TeamViewer has changed, it should be looked at again.


I'm trying to get my TeamViewer ID reactivated for personal use only (falsely detected as commercial).
On the reactivate screen, I fill in all fields and click "Generate PDF", and nothing happens. No adblocker is running.  I have tried perhaps 20 times, different browsers.  No luck.  It just sits there.  Very frustrating.

How do you go from free to FORTY-NINE **bleep** DOLLARS PER MONTH?!?!?! My **bleep** internet doesn't even cost that much. 


I tried getting this reset and it says bad gateway and doesn't submit the form. Any help?


My employer has a TV12 licence, I occasionally use the latest TeamViewer for friends and family. I connected to a few work computers a few months ago and am now flagged corporate use. Is this legitimate private use or is my ID now considered Corporate due to having connected to a licenced corporate device? It's possible one of the Company computers may not have had it's TV12 licence activated. Given my situation is there any point in requesting a review?

Community Manager

For all with a 502 "bad gateway" error or something similar: Can you please let us know the country you are in and which browser you are using? Please also add the date and time to the report. This will help us in the investigation.

@Esther You guys have completely lost my trust this time. I've been using Teamviewer for YEARS for purposes that very clearly fall into the free use section (I've only even used it to help someone out ONCE), and yet now I'm being forced to print and sign some **bleep** PDF explaining why I should be allowed to use it for free and wait for the gods on high to come down and bless my poor soul with the privilege of being able to use the same free software I've been using for years? You've got to be **bleep** kidding me...

What's obvious to me is that you guys saw an opportunity with the global pandemic, and decided to screw over users who have been using the platform for years in the hopes of cutting down your own expenses from the influx of new free users and/or decided to try and gouge as many people as possible with a subscription that costs more than the average person's internet bill.

I've dealt with false positive commercial use flags in the past, but this is the final straw for me. I'm moving to an alternative software, and I highly encourage others to do the same. I'd rather have any other piece of software on my desk than continue to deal with this **bleep** [Some of the parts have been edited as per the community guidelines.]

Holy **bleep** that's great, editing my post to remove the hint but not the message as a whole. I suppose I'll rephrase it in a manner that meets the community guidlines - "search" for it, since I'm sure mentioning a specific search engine will be edited out as well, lol


Also, potentially a bit "conspiracy"-y, but what the heck is with my account being set to simplified chinese the next time I logged in after posting the previous comment? Props to Chrome for the auto translation that helped me set it back, but that's a little shady to say the least...


@Esther I submitted the form and received an e-mail saying that my ID had been reset. Now both of the computers I'm using have been reset, and I'm still not being allowed to use TeamViewer. What is the problem?


@Esther My employer has a TV12 licence, I occasionally use the latest TeamViewer for friends and family. I occasionally connect to a few licenced work computers, is this legitimate private use or is my use considered Corporate due to connecting to a licenced corporate device?

Edited and reposted since I forgot to link Esther in my original post.


It's painfully obvious that teamvewer is just trying to force everyone to the paid individual license option now that the number of people working from home has gone up so much. I guess a catch-all, white list approach, was the easiest way to compel everyone to justify their usage but it's clearly implemented in a manner that deliberately makes buying an individual license less of a burden than dealing with the piecemeal method of manual verification. I refuse to sign any form unless I can see what they flagged as commercial usage, which they won't do, but I'm not going to go through the hoops of continuously losing remote access to my computers as so many people have. They don't share what causes a computer to be flagged because the goal isn't fair usage, it's pushing people to a monthly subscription. They saw the opportunity to increase their paid licenses due to drastic social and behavioral changes all over the world and they took it. I find it unethical, but it's no mystery what they're trying to gain by all this.

Ironically my company was looking at teamviewer since most of our employees are transitioning to work at home at the end of the year, and this is definitely an easier means of remote administration. But honestly there's just no way we'd consider it now. I can't think of a better method of turning away potential customers than to completely break the functionality of a product that is designed to be used "right now" and then only provide a lengthy and contrived method to get it working again, to have the same thing continuously happen. Just because something is for personal usage, doesn't mean that it has no importance. This is especially frusterating for people like myself and others who have gone out of their way to make sure they don't even accidentally use the product outside the guidelines of the free license. I never even had a reason to look for competing products as I've been using this for more than a decade for home usage but there's just no way I would trust my business to a company that deliberately goes down this road to force users to purchase their paid product.


@jestep I think you're right. Team Viewer just isn't interested in offering a free program for personal use any more. Look at this thread. They flag literally everyone for commercial use, and then they set up a system for re-setting that doesn't work. Even when they granted my request to reset the IDs at both ends of my connection, it still doesn't work. This has been going on since the summer, and the system still doesn't work. That level of incompetence is obviously intentional. I would respect the decision to move away from offering a free program if they were just honest about it, but what they're doing here is just a scam.


@jestep @robtpt I agree with everything except one point. This issue has been going on for over four years. So it's not specifically COVID19 that Teamviewer is taking advantage of.

Community Manager

@robtpt I would suggest initiating a new handshake with the master. Can you please restart your TeamViewer service on both devices? 

@PeaSea Yes - Connecting to work devices requires a license. I highly recommend never to use your personal devices for any work-related purposes. Mixed usage of commercial and private connections is not possible and requires a license. While your regular connections to your friends and family are not requiring a license - all connections to your work device do. Therefore I recommend not to use a personal device for work-related stuff as it will hinder you to support your family.

@jestep @robtpt @bazbsg No, TeamViewer is not trying to make private users pay for TeamViewer. However, you are right that working from home requires a license. It does not matter whether you are at home or in an office, in a park, or at your friend's house, but if you are using TeamViewer for your work, you need a license.

However - I am deeply sorry to hear that some of you are getting a reset-message but having issues connecting again. I will check internally.

Hi Esther!

You said that the page to request a reset on a suspected commercial use was fixed. However I am not able to submit my new request because the page remembers that I have generated a PDF and expects me to upload it. That PDF was generated unexpectedly while I was typing in the required information and therefore was incomplete and didn't save it. Would it be possible that you do something that would allow me to start the process from the beginning to correctly submit my request?

Thank you and kind regards,


I see the image below since November 13 when I first attempted to request the reset.TeamViewer Reset Request Screenshot 2020-11-18 084141.jpg

Community Manager

@DanielIonescu also after deleting your cookies? Does the same come up with another browser?


@Esther Maybe I shouldn't have said I agreed with everything without rereading first. My apologies.

However, I'm sure you can see how people might believe Teamviewer is trying to get rid of free users. After four years of this issue, Teamviewer hasn't done anything to improve the situation. Sure you are still allowing free users. But you are certainly making some of them go away with all the hoops they have to jump through to remain a free user. And it is pretty clear that the algorithm to detect commercial use has a lot of false positives.

I'm sure some of posts on here are from users that are commercial by Teamviewer's definition but not by their own definition or by the dictionary definition. But I do know for a fact that I am not commercial and yet I also got flagged and had to wait 32 days to be reset. (I am retired and the only devices on my account are my own and my mother's.)

I have to ask you to clarify one thing. You said "if you are using TeamViewer for your work, you need a license". Are you saying both sides need a license? If I have a license on my office PC I am able to connect to my home PC to read my personal email, right? That is allowed. But if I go home do I need a license to access my licensed work PC to read my work email? I would think that having a license on one side should be sufficient, but maybe Teamviewer disagrees??? If I were a tech support company that had a license to help my customers, am I expected to get my customers to buy a Teamviewer license before I am able to help them?

And while I have your attention, I asked earlier for you to comment on this new message that says people are using Teamviewer too much or with too much activity and that that requires a license. So far I didn't see you reply about that.


Community Manager

@bazbsg Thanks for replying! And yes - I do see that 🙌 Therefore the Community team and I are working on providing as much help and information as possible. For example, this blog post or the KB article, or collecting all posts from users struggling with the commercial usage detection underneath my explanation of how to request a reset.

But I need to respectfully disagree with you saying there have not been any improvements in the last years. The reset process is much simpler and way faster than ever before. Reading from your post, you have been one of the people who needed to wait a month for a reset (back then). Meanwhile, the reset is in most cases faster than 24 hours! Hours - not days - I call that an improvement 👍 I know that you have been engaged in helping others a lot in our community and wouldn´t you agree that the complaints about the super long waiting time disappeared? 

Also, the detection of commercial usage has been optimized a lot. Yes - you are right, there are still false positives and there might always be some - although we are working on improving the detection constantly. For all those people we offer the reset page and e.g. this article in which I am trying to make the process as understandable as possible. Some might not like my gif-video at the top of the article, but I posted it anyway because others do not like reading such a long article or do not understand English well enough. 

Another thing I wanted to highlight is the complete change of the trial process that was causing so much confusion. Now - we disabled the option to start a trial when installing the software. You need to request a trial manually from our Sales. This reduces the number of users who accidentally install TeamViewer as a commercial trial and come to our community to seek help in removing the trial. 

Let me answer your questions:

  • I have to ask you to clarify one thing. You said "if you are using TeamViewer for your work, you need a license". Are you saying both sides need a license?
    • No - the TeamViewer licensing says: only one side of a connection needs a license to have a licensed connection.
  • If I have a license on my office PC I am able to connect to my home PC to read my personal email, right? That is allowed.
    • Yes - that is a licensed connection. However, I guess this was originally not the intended use case of the company that bought the license and might be unhappy with employees using the license to connect to their private device 😉 Therefore: It is allowed from the licensing point of view (of TeamViewer), but maybe not allowed by the license owner.
  • But if I go home do I need a license to access my licensed work PC to read my work email?
    • Yes - you need a license for that 100%. This is an absolute standard home office and requires a license. But: The license on the work device is enough for TeamViewer. You will not get disturbed during the connection to your work device.
  • I would think that having a license on one side should be sufficient, but maybe Teamviewer disagrees??? 
    • Nope - no disagreement here.
  • If I were a tech support company that had a license to help my customers, am I expected to get my customers to buy a Teamviewer license before I am able to help them?
    • Nope - only you (the tech support company) need a license.

Regarding your last question: Can you send me a link? I seem to not find it.


@Esther I have rebooted the computers on both sides of the connection, and re-started Team Viewer. It still doesn't work. These are two computers in my own home and I don't use either computer for work. It's great that you got the reset process down to 24 hours, but if the reset doesn't actually do anything, it doesn't help me.


I too have been getting the Commerical Use message. I have registered my TeamViewer ID and the TeamViewer ID of my 81 year old dad, my sister-in-law and my wife's computer. I did two processes to whitelist these ids as I forgot to register my own id. I have restarted my computer (Mac) and my sister-in-law (Windows 10) but I am still receiving the Commerical Use message and get kicked off my sister-in-law's computer after 5 minutes. I user TeamViewer less than 6 times per year but I'm getting frustrated as to why this process is not working. Please help us get this process working so we can continue helping our relativers support their machines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you.



This is so frustrating. I have been trying to reset my account for at least 2 weeks now but the website doesn't seem to accept my username when trying to reset my account!!! This is so frustrating! I'm able to complete all of the other fields but teamviewer tells me to enter my teamviewer ID, which shouldnt be less than 8 characters but no more than 11, and it never works. My username is drewalkk - 8 characters. But for some reason, the site doesn't allow me to enter it so that I can progress to generating a pdf. I have never used my account for commercial use. I have only used it to help my elderly parents on their home pc whenever they have trouble. I've helped them from my own home or when I'm at work and never had an issue before. Please fix the website to allow me to reset my account.

@Esther You seem to be either deliberately ignoring the problem or genuinely don't understand why users are upset, both of which are troubling.

Beyond the primary issue of these false positives (which seem to be at a rate high enough to justify the impression of pushing out free users), the provided "solution" is asinine - we as end users should not have to be given the burden of proving that our use is legitimate. Beyond that, to ask end users to print and SIGN a form acknowledging this is completely absurd. The whole process appears to have been intentionally designed to be convoluted in order to push free users away.

Continuing to go in this direction is only proving the idea of pushing free users away to be true. This is even more apparent when the back end has been shut down to the point where access is flagged at the MAC address level. I've personally already switched over my 3 PERSONAL systems to use an alternative software, and I had an easier time getting that set up than I did trying to jump through hoops of getting my machine unflagged.

You guys have a very simple choice to make - own up to the mistakes you've made and fix them, or lose your reputation and your users just like a certain other remote access software did a few years back when they pulled this **bleep**.


@Esther Here is a permalink to one example of someone that was asked to buy a license because of "very high activity level". Here is a permalink to my request for a moderator to address the issue.

I was thinking that one reason for the perception that nothing has improved is that we the users of this community mainly see the complaints from users that are not happy. We do not get to see the number of users that are happy because they had their problems solved quickly or didn't have problems in the first place, because those users don't come here and complain. So maybe it's unfair to say there have been no improvements over the past four years. But on the other hand, we don't have the information available to see the true picture and extent of the problem. I will try to remain helpful to users whose questions I can address.


used to use teamviewer alot but stopped cause didn't need it. just tried using it to set up my moms printer at her place but got this message that ive been using for commercial use, then her wifi cut out and teamviewer says i cant connect for another 20 minutes because ive been using it for commercial use **bleep** your a joke. fix your automated detection system cause its laughable especially from where im standing. [removed per Community Guidelines]


edit: what kind of tyrant bleeps out **bleep**.... ofc the dudes who penalize you for nothing 

Community Manager

@robtpt Sorry to hear that. You got the confirmation via email it has been reset, right? You can send me a PM with the email address you used for the submission and I can ask the team to check.

@DadCobra Thanks for your feedback. I also need to ask whether you already got the email confirmation from our reset team. Did you already try to restart the TeamViewer service?

@drewalkk The reset does not work for TeamViewer accounts and also not for your community account. You will need to enter the TeamViewer ID of the devices that got flagged. Please read this article to learn more about what a TeamViewer ID is and where to find it: What is a TeamViewer ID? 

@kmjohnsonpgh Thanks for your feedback. Sorry to read you switched the software but nice to know you are still around!

@bazbsg Thanks a lot for the links. No - high activity does not require a license as long as it is purely private use. I can imagine that the usage suggests a usage pattern typical for business or enterprise users. However - the wording is not very well chosen in my opinion as well and I will reach out to the responsible staff. 

And yes - I also believe that once a case is resolved the users just move on and are not coming back to update their experience. Some do and I am really thankful for those! But I guess we all need to live with the fact that people are coming to a forum to seek help and therefore forums (not just TeamViewer but all) are having more questions, concerns, and complaints than posts about how smooth everything works. And: It´s totally fine because a forum is there to provide help and assistance 👍



Hi @Esther, I am still receiving 504 gateway time-out errors (this is an indication there is a communication problem between your customer facing proxy and your backend servers that do the work) when attempting to generate my PDF. This is the same issue I was experiencing last week. It seems it might be fixed for some? But I cant confirm. I still need to get my machine(s) reset, but I cant generate the PDF to get to the point where I can upload it. I have tried a different browser to no avail as I still get the 504 error. (which does not surprise me as noted, 504 is a reflection of an issue on the TV side and not mine, although I am not 100% ruling out something on my end). When I get access to my personal PC I may try it from there, but it shold be working from my laptop just the same. Can you please offer any other suggestions, and please ask your Ops or Dev team to validate the timeout sesttings on their gateway, and/or find the root cause of the delayed response from the backend server(s) to the front end proxy(s). Thanks, I look forward to your reply.


Hi Esther,

I have twice sent my IDs to get reset and twice received a confirmation that it got done. But I'm still getting the warning. Can you please help?




This is insanely frustrating!

After 2 weeks of aggravation I finally get the whole reset process to work, receive the Personal Use confirmation email from Teamviewer, and the VERY FIRST TIME I try to connect to my 88-year-old mother's notebook (brand new a month ago)--which does nothing but use a browser and email--and I get the "Commercial Use" penalty flag.  Teamviewer's gone off the rails.  You get what you pay for.  Thanks, guys, for a couple years of nice service, but I get the message, time to move on.  I'd rather pay a few dollars a month (but not $49/mth) for reliable service. 


I have a computer that I use teamviewer from/to within my house for personal use. I have went through the processs to have the teamviewer ID's of all my computers unlocked twice now in teh last 3 days but its still not allowing me to connect to this one computer. What can I do?



i have printed, filled out, and submitted the form last friday but i received no response.
trying to access the device again, even while on the same homenetwork still pops up commercial use detected and blocks me out. 


I followed the link to reset my account to private use. there is no form to fill out. It looks like the "connect with teamviewer" just opens up the teamviewer app and nothing new appears.  However below that it says "Please log in with your TeamViewer credentials to start the reactivation process." I did so and I don't see anything. 

I should note I am logging in from a different laptop than I received the messages re: commercial use. Is this the reason?


I've been using TeamViewer for longer than I can remember.  It's always been a terrific product that enabled me to help family and even the occasional friend to stay online when they encountered technical problems.  I have used it for many years to keep my parents who are now in their mid-80's online.  I am not now,  and have never been, in the IT field and never once realized even one thin dime in payment for my use of TeamViewer from anyone.  Still, fair is fair, so I have long been wanting to upgrade my free license to a paid one, though commensurate for my essentially non-commercial use.  It's just that TeamViewer's business plan is such that I can't justify spending $50 a month, no less $100 a month for non-commercial friends-and-family use.  

But my father in particular, who at 86 is now working from home for the first time in his life owing to social distancing requirement.  I can appreciate that because my unpaid use of TeamViewer facilitates my father's ability to work from home it is reasonable for TeamViewer to determine that this is now "commercial use".  I am no longer comfortable asking TeamViewer to override their "suspected commercial use" flags (which they kindly did in the past).  I access my father's laptop several times a day to print out emails and articles he's interested in (he never even looks at the laptop itself and only reads what I print for him). 

So I am going to relinquish my Free License with TeamViewer and make other arrangements to keep up my entirely unpaid "tech support" for my parents, the widow of an old family friend, and my and my wife's laptops and desktops.   There are paid alternatives to TeamViewer, who have pricing to accommodate my sort of use, but none of them approach the quality. performance and dependability of TeamViewer.  Just a terrific product and a terrific company.  


Ok, I tried connecting to my sister-in-law's machine today, and whoa, it's working now. I had already received the email saying that my ids had been whitelisted and I had even restarted my machine and her machine, did not work. Again, today, it worked so not sure if there was a delay from the time I received the email and the ids being whitelisted.

Community Manager

@borisattva Did it give you the message that the form has been submitted successfully?

@ejtorres Did it meanwhile work? There were some connectivity issues yesterday as you can see on our status page. Maybe it was at the same time you tried to log in? Can you test it again?

@mmcpher Thanks for your feedback! Always nice to read that TeamViewer helped you to make your and your families' lives easier. However - if you want or need a license for your father's work. Did you think about the Remote Access license instead of the Business version? Check out this one:  Check out whether the features are enough for his needs.

@DadCobra Thanks for your feedback and for keeping us updated on the process! Always good to see people coming back and giving a heads-up! And yes - maybe there was a delay, but the important part is that it is working now.



I have been through the entire reset process 3 TIMES, listed both computers, etc., including receiving the confirmation email.  Makes absolutely no difference: as soon as I try to connect--the very first try, the Commercial Use **bleep**'s are on me with the same stupidly incorrect dialog box about suspected commercial use appears.  (And by the way, the time-out is consistently about 15-20 seconds, not "5 minutes".)  @Esther Is this just absolutely hopeless??  Is there no way to wake up a live person to the insanity of this???