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New Features with TeamViewer 14: Customised Field Entries and Advanced Device Grouping

TeamViewer 14 brings exciting new developments for IT admins and support staff looking to streamline their processes.

Additional features amplify TeamViewer's extraordinary ease of use and, in turn, help to drive increased productivity in the workplace. In the spotlight: TV14's custom device information entries and advanced device grouping (ADG) capabilities.

Never waste precious time searching for crucial device information again with TeamViewer's new custom fields and subgrouping features. In an effort to bring together the properties most required by IT experts and make these instantly accessible, TeamViewer has unveiled a new and simple way to add custom device information directly to your Computer & Contacts list, while implementing advanced device grouping for better oversight of your network.

Custom Grouping and Partner Attributes

Using the custom grouping feature, company administrators are able to now define, edit and add partner attribute types as necessary. These attributes will be visible through a new view within the Management Console for a comprehensive overview of all devices. The number of custom device attributes you may enter is determined by the type of license running: 5 are allowed for Premium, 15 for Corporate and 25 for Enterprise. 

tv14-custom-device-information (1).png

Attribute custom fields and subgroups to more efficiently organise and search through your data, even if you are dealing with a large group of users. Adding a customer field is easy and can be completed in a single step, ensuring minimum disruption to your workflow. What’s more, the fields are located in the Computer & Contacts' 'View' area, making the individual device information you enter immediately visible and ensuring that no additional searches need to be made.

Using the multi-level structure of integrated partner attributes and subgrouping, your Computers & Contacts list is instantly easier to navigate. Save time not only by immediately connecting to the right device, but also by streamlining your use of the TeamViewer Management Console itself. For IT support staff who primarily use TeamViewer as a remote support tool, using these grouping capabilities means that important information such as the machine location subsidiaries, device type, or owner can all be found at a glance. This not only ensures that staff can better use their time directly resolving problems, but will have the ultimate outcome of improving their ticket-to-time ratio.

Tighten Control and Security with Advanced Device Grouping

With the TV14 release, not only has the scope for tailoring your custom groups broadened, but changes have been made to deepen the level of device grouping too. Advanced device grouping strengthens your control over the distribution of data and access policies, while allowing you to centrally configure groups across your whole company and network, and handle them directly from the Management Console.

For IT admins in mid-size and enterprise-level companies who work with Active Directory, ADG offers more granularity and enables staff to work more efficiently. It ensures that users are categorised in the exact group for their role, accessing what they need without restrictions and permission constraints, all while not compromising security policies. What’s more, advanced device grouping works on both Windows and Mac OS for maximum user and network flexibility. 


As always at TeamViewer, your online security and data privacy is paramount. To ensure your absolute protection, all data between the computer hosting the session and the computer viewing the session is encrypted using RSA public/private key exchange and AES (256-bit) session encryption. There is also a second layer of security features such as two-factor authentication and trusted devices to safeguard against any threat posed to your account.


Are you ready to update your TeamViewer to the latest version and check out the custom fields and the Advanced Device Grouping? Let us know your feedback in the comment section below!

Check out our latest version here: TeamViewer 14 Preview!


@Esther wrote:

The number of custom device attributes you may enter is determined by the type of license running: 5 are allowed for Premium, 15 for Corporate and 25 for Enterprise.

Thanks Esther. Will the custom device attributes and advanced grouping features be available to users who are on the Business License?

Community Manager

Hi @MP-AU These features are available for customers with a Premium, Corporate or Enterprise/Tensor license as it requires a company profile in the Management Console. I hope this info helps you. Thanks and best, Esther


@Esther wrote:

Hi @MP-AU These features are available for customers with a Premium, Corporate or Enterprise/Tensor license as it requires a company profile in the Management Console. I hope this info helps you. Thanks and best, Esther 

That's fantastic news. Will the custom attribute limit for the Business License be 5 fields then?

Community Manager

Hi again, for the Premium plan it is 5. Did you already see the Knowledge Base article about the Custom Device Information?

Best, Esther


Excellent, thanks Esther. I had not seen that article.

I seem to notice that I can't see the custom device information fields for a computer that only has the host module installed, it only show on devices that have the full install. Is there a setting I am missing or has this functionality not been added for the host install? I would hate to have to reinstall on all my client devices and lose my custom branding in the host module.

Community Manager

Hi @deloreandude Is this device part of a shared group and not saved/owned by your computers & Contacts list? Thanks, Esther

Hi Esther,

Yes, it is residing in group that is shared out with full access permissions to me. Do I need to be logged into the client using the main company account to set these fields, and once set, will I be able to view/sort them using my own account?

Community Manager

Hi again - You can only see and edit the custom device information of your own devices in shared groups. Any possibility to save the device in your own list?

That clears things up, thanks. Unfortunately, due to the way the organization is currently set up, I am unable to add the devices to my own list, as our devices are added using the main company account and need to be accessible to all of our technicians via the shared groups.

Community Manager

@deloreandude I am forwarding this internally. Let´s see whether we can add changes to the logic to make it usable for as many customers as possible. Thanks for the feedback!


Hi Esther,

Is there a way to remove these custom fields?

My problem is that once i created a custom field i am no long er able to move devices to or from any groups. When i try i receive the below popup stating "TeamViewer doesn't support moving devices containing custom fields data.".

TV popup.png


I just noticed this as well. There really needs to be an option to remove the custom fields. However, as a workaround I found I can move the devices between groups using the TeamViewer client rather than the management console. It seems like a lot of functions are being pushed to the client software, and the management console is losing it's power with the new update.

Community Manager

HI @Psutton Currently it is not possible to delete set custom attributes. I forwarded your feedback as a feature request to our Product Management. Best and thanks, Esther

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Hi, This new features could be really awesome but actually, this can't be used by company ! Only the company account can see / edit a custom field !!! All others account (which are the employee account) can't see it. Is this suppose to change soon ?

Hi all,

I'm agree with above ! Can those fields be visible to the entier team ? When they are set by the company account ?!

Thank you.


Hi all,

Sorry for the double post, but already 2 weeks without any answer nor information.

Can you highlight me on my previous post please ?



 @Esther, Is this there going to be any change soon ?

Now the function is completely useless for us.

Hi @Y13, I received an answer in another post ( It's in French, saying (globally) that it's a recent feature and it is not actually possible to use it as a Society. He has no date but normally, it's should be possible some day...

Hi @Clad07 ,

Thats a progammer answer... everything will be possible someday.

Yeah I agree ! And moreover, the feature exist since more than a year now ! So not so new. I don't get it why there is still no deletion or Society usage !