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Do your parents have trouble installing TeamViewer even though you instruct them thoroughly? 

Don’t fret: Here’s the easy way to provide remote IT support to your parents!

Thanks to TeamViewer’s freemium model, many of you first got into contact with the software when you used it for private purposes, for example to fix your parents´ PC from anywhere across the globe.

In fact, it makes me very proud and happy to frequently read users comments on social media in which they thank TeamViewer for that.

It is also the reason why I thought it was time to teach those of you who support their loved, but not so tech-savvy family and friends the easiest way of doing that.

After all, even if you know your way around computers, you might be new to the software just as much as they are, when you read this.

You might not be aware of them yet, but TeamViewer has some features that eliminate the frustrating process of guiding your parents through TeamViewer’s fairly easy installation process.

And let’s be honest: If your parents aren’t native English speakers, guidance already starts with spelling T E A M V I E W E R and explaining where to enter that dubious word.

The good news is, you can simply take the matter into your own hands by making use of the QuickSupport module and then installing either a Host module or the full version of TeamViewer.

So let’s not keep your friends and parents waiting and get to the tutorial part!

Installing TeamViewer on Behalf of Your Connection Partner

To install a TeamViewer full version (or Host module), follow these instructions.

It’s assumed, that you have the free version of TeamViewer (with a Computer & Contacts list) installed on your device.

1. First, open your Computer & Contacts list and click on one of your groups. Click on Create session code 

Create Session Code fitted.png


--> Ask your connection partner to visit this link (

--> They will see the following screen: 

JOin session fitted.png


--> Tell them to insert the Session Code number you just created. You can find it here in your TeamViewer client. 

Create Session Code2 fitted.png


--> They will be prompted to download a file whose name begins with “TeamViewerQS”. They need to run or open this file after it has downloaded.

--> When they run the file, a window will appear on their screen that looks like this, with your Session Code number already entered there:


--> The star icon turns green when your parents’ computer is ready to connect.

2. Connect to their computer with a double click on the session code in your Computers & Contacts list. Your connection partner needs to accept your request by clicking on OK.

--> You will be connected to your partner and be able to control their device as if you were sitting right in front of it.

3. To now upgrade their device with a TeamViewer full version, go to Files & Extras in the remote control tool bar and click Install (marked with a TeamViewer logo). 


4. I recommend to install the default TeamViewer full version. By doing so, you will get the possibility to install TeamViewer as a service to get access to your partner’s computer whenever they need your help and they will also have the possibility to join a meeting or make a TeamViewer videocall.

5. The installation will start automatically and once it’s finished, you can easily re-connect.

6. Now you can also save their computer in your Computers & contacts list for easy-to-start connections in the future.

Supporting Friends and Family Has Never Been Easier

So now you know a neat little trick to avoid the long-winded explanation process that you potentially face when trying to help someone who is not tech-savvy at all with their TeamViewer installation.

You can connect to them with only as much as a click and help them out whenever they need you.

If, on the other hand, you’d like to try an approach that is more focused on self-help, teaching your partner how to deal with small problems themselves, you might enjoy eg. the white board feature.

How long did it take you to get your parents set up with TeamViewer? Let’s share experiences in the comment section below!


 Thanks for the post. I had already set my mother up with the Teamviewer Host. I usually just need to connect in unattended mode in order to run updates and fix problems. I was afraid the full program would need to be left running in order for it to respond to a connection request, and I also thought it would be less intrusion on her OS. Maybe that was incorrect.

Using the Teamviewer Host at least, it always pops up a "sponsored sesion" dialog at the end which says it was a free session, and buttons to Like or Buy a License. There was one time the undismissed dialog box was preventing something else from working. She also forgets what it is and thinks someone has installed malware. It's also just annoying. Is there anyway to turn this off so it doesn't pop up? 

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 4.39.21 PM.png

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Hi @John54 Thank you very much for your comment. This PopUp can just be turned off, when you have an active license on your or your mothers device. Since TeamViewer is free for private use, I recommend that you are explaining your mother this PopUp so that she is not afraid any longer (and this will save your money). But I am very happy to learn about you moms high level of IT security awareness! Keep it that way. Thank you, Esther

I just followed all these instructions, but teamviewer on my end reported the error: "The remote TeamViewer is running an old version which is out of date." This is the version my elderly mother just downloaded from How can you be pushing broken software like this? You expect me to get my mom to update her team viewer software when the whole reason i'm trying this is because she can't install a printer? Can you recommend a remote viewer that works out of the box?
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Hi @ProUSH Thanks for your post. What OS is running on the device? Is it supporting TeamViewer 14? Please check the compatibility here: Which operating systems are supported?  


This would be great, but I keep getting the "suspected commercial use" prompt when trying to connect to my parents' computer. How am I supposed to attempt to troubleshoot an already slow computer, 70 seconds at a time, with a 10 minute lockout in between?


My friend (an elderly lady of over 80, but very keen - but not very computer-savvy) has the TeamViewerQS module, which I installed when visiting her once. I have used this with great success in the past.

However, this time, when I tried, I got The remote ... out of date. Therefore you cannot connect to this Version anymore. Your connection partner can update TeamViewer by clicking on "Help" - "Check for new version".

Unfortunately, the TeamViewerQS user interface has no Help - nor any other way to do an update. [I did try to get her to download a new version - using the direct link Teamviewer QS - but without success; not knowing how her browser is configured to handle downloads, I don't know what happened.]

(* I pasted in the URL here, but this handler changed it to the above.)

We were able to solve the problem she'd called me about, and I'll update her QS next time I visit, but it might be a good idea not to give the above advice when the remote user is using QS - or, better, add a single "update" button to the QS user interface.

(Incidentally: the QS module isn't easy to find starting at the home page! You have to do a lot of looking. For those of us who don't know the site layout.)

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Hi @G6JPG  Thanks for your post. The error message reg the remote QS being out of date should most likely not happen again after you updated the QS successfully. Have you seen this announcement: Updating to the latest and greatest version of TeamViewer. ? 

Yes - the Check for new version-menu only appears on the full version and the Host module. What you might want to do is letting an SOS Button on your friends' computer. See QuickSupport and SOS button  Thanks and best, Esther


Thanks for coming back. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get at her machine to install the updated QS module until Christmas: we're over 300 miles apart J! However, we did sort out the problem, so hopefully it won't recur until after that.

I did look at the  QuickSupport and SOS button, but that article starts "This article applies to users with a Business-, Premium- or Corporate license."


I have used the free TeamViewer product to help family and friends for years.  I dutifully upgraded to TV14.  Then I started to get these notices as I was helping out about connection time being for 5 minutes, and then get kicked off for 1 minute.  **bleep**?  What is this?  And as I go around the blogs, I see that I am not the only one who has had this problem - there also seems to be no solution to this.  Please advise!  Thank you!


I've used Team Viewer for years helping my mom and some friends with their computers now Team Viewer says I have to by a license to continue. Why the change? Is free Team Viewer just free temporary Team Viewer?

Hello @djrcjr, Did you get a notification that they suspect your are using it for commercial purposes? That's what happened to me, even though I do not use it for commercial uses at all. They "suspected" me of it for some reason and said I'd have to buy a license. I never could get a specific reason for why they suspected it. I went through the process of responding in detail about why I thought it was an incorrect determination, waiting a week or so and getting another boilerplate rejection notice and finally filling out an online form that was, I think, the final appeal. But no answer from that either. I still can't use it now. I wish they would say WHY they suspected it, and actually allow some dialog about it. Then I could have addressed it or changed something. I can imagine how things could appear that way but are not really what's happening. They describe what is allowed and disallowed, and I don't think I did anything knowingly. Anyway, I spent a great deal of time installing it on my family members' computers in different locations, and learning it myself. Now I'm stymied. It's a shame because I was trying to convince my company's IT staff to switch to it from **Third Party Product** because of my experience with Team Viewer personally.

No same thing with me.Noting about my usage changed but now they think it's commercial useage. What a collosal waste of time. Finding an alternative now. Apparently Team Viewer's free means free until we decide for no reason that we want you to pay for it. Still all about the $$$.

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Hello all,

Thank you for your posts, and the feedback.

There can be cases where TeamViewer incorrectly detects commercial use and limits your connectivity even though you don't violate the license conditions. In such cases we can investigate and unblock the software for you.

For more instructions and the link to the form to request the reset, please read the following article in our knowledgebase.

Best Regards,