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The needs of our users are at the core of TeamViewer 12. Which is why I am excited to let you know that the final version of TeamViewer 12 is now available!

We listened closely to what you want to be able to do, and how you want TeamViewer to help you to do that.

You told us that you want to get more done - by working smarter.

That you want to enjoy your work more - through a better workflow.

That by working faster - you will save valuable time.

And that being stronger in your performance and security - is absolutely vital.

We’ve comprehensively field tested TeamViewer 12 during the Beta, and now with the final version, you can join those who are already using TeamViewer 12 on millions of devices worldwide.

Don’t miss out! It’s never been faster, easier, or more secure to help the people you care about, from wherever you are.

Watch the all-new video preview to get a feeling for what you can expect from the latest version of TeamViewer.

Excited? You should be!

Smarter – Get More Done

You will be able to use several of the new features in TeamViewer 12 to get more done - by working smarter.

Better – Enjoy Your Work

You’ll experience a truly immersive experience with TeamViewer 12. Several performance improvements combine to make working with TeamViewer even better.

Faster – Save Time

Time is incredibly valuable, and you want to be able to work as fast as possible. Which is why TeamViewer 12 is packed full with ways to make your work faster.

Stronger – Up Your Game

Take your opportunity with TeamViewer 12 to up your game and be stronger than ever before. Enhance your security, and generate increased satisfaction with the levels of your IT support.

What Are Your Thoughts About the TeamViewer 12 Release?

I’m convinced  that TeamViewer 12 is our best release yet.

And I believe this because we focused on what matters to users. The new features and enhancements are aimed at making you, your team, and your business more productive, more agile, and better able to focus on what matters most to you.

What are your thoughts about TeamViewer 12? Join the discussion below!


SOOOOOOO . Maybe you should look at the MSI download - yesterday it was version 12-beta-something, now it's version 11.

Thanks for (once again) not updating all downloads at the same time (this time even putting an older version up for download), making us (almost) deploy teamviewer in an outdated version !!

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Thanks @MortenKnudsen

We´ll have a look at it!

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Now you will get version 12 when downloading the MSI package. 




Downloaded Version 12 from your website.  When I try to install AVG virus detects a virus and quarantines the Teamviewer setup file.  The virus is reported as Luhe.MSIL.C.

This problem occurred when I tried to update Teamviewer 12 Beta from with the program as well as trying to execute the downloaded setup file.

Has anyone else reported this and what are the recommendations.  Right now I am continuing to use the Beta version 12.0.71077.

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Hi @Bob_R

This is a so called "false-positive message" and we are already in contact with AVG and other companies.

If you want you can wait until AVG allows TeamViewer or you can mark TeamViewer as a trusted download.

I hope, this helps you!

@Esther Thank you.



Thank you, it does help.


Hi @Esther,

sorry for my "OT" (and for my poor english...), have you news of TeamViewer Host 12 (Android, Beta or Final) and if it is compatible with Android TV?




AVG flags it for me too, I'll wait for the AVG allowance. Hope it is soon ...

@Esther MSI package still old version 11 - just downloaded 07:45 today 30-11-16.....



My trial license expired....  But i have a Corporate license...

To bad that we didnt receive any advice before.

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Hi @MortenKnudsen,

you can download the MSI package in version 12 here.

Sorry for the inconvenience! We will solve it on the page asap!

@Esther I can mention about 3 times in the last year, whre MSI version was not updated correctly. Now it has been 24+ hours, a (wrong) confirmation that is was already corrected etc.

I'm thankful for the direct link to version 12 and your kind help, but you *really* should evalute internally@teamviewer how you make absolutely sure to have correct downloads in place for all types of teamviewer on the download page at the same time and why there's nobody double-checking (it seems to me it's a one-man job and nobody checking for correct download links before releasing the new page / or you're actually just editing the "live" download page as you see fit). That kind of change-management has now again been proven to not work for you guys. Just saying!

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Hi @MortenKnudsen

Thank you for your feedback!

Ja, you are right and I will forward your feedback to make also the internal processes smarter, better, faster and stronger!

Thank you for your understanding.


"This is a so called "false-positive message" and we are already in contact with AVG and other companies."

Maybe someone might suggest to...

"in contact with AVG and other companies"

BEFORE a NEW released.

A lot more fun I would add....

And what about compatibility with older versions?

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With TeamViewer 12 you can connect to previous versions. That means, if your connection partner has a TeamViewer in version 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12, you can make a remote control connection.

Please be aware of the fact, that it is not possible to make a remote control connection from a "older" TeamViewer version to a "newer" version.


Dear Esther,

I have many hosts. If I update my Teamviewer, will I be able to connect to my hosts?
Do I need to update hosts too? One by one?

Thank you!

@Esther I have respondended to you in comments and my issue is resolved, but now - no matter where/what I do, I can't turn of email notifications for this thread... ("Email me when someone replies" I have unchecked for all my comments, but the mails still coming when some comments in this main thread......

Please advise

Community Manager

Hi Morten,

you can manage the Subscriptions and Email-Notifications in your Community Profile. Just go into the settings to "Subscriptions & Notifications" and disable the Subscription for this Blog.




You are fine having the latest version. You will be able to connect to all your clients (hosts) just fine. At your liesure, when you do a connection, If I were you, I would update there Teamviewer at that time as well. What she is saying is that if you stayed on an older version and tried to connect to someone who has updated to 12, that would not work.

(PS) You may want to wait on your clients upgrade til AVG and other anti-virus are no longer flagging this version 12 as a threat, otherwise you have to create an exception in there antivirus program)


"With TeamViewer 12 you can connect to previous versions. That means, if your connection partner has a TeamViewer in version 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12, you can make a remote control connection."

When I finally got 12 to install it would not connect to other versions...


That is certainly strange, i would think that you would have to reinstall your Teamviewer. The reason I say this, is that I have logged on to 2 remote machines with no problem. Both machines inform me that they are running an older version of Teamviewer when I first log on.


Teamviewer is a fantastic product.  It has always worked flawlessly until now.  After connect it hangs with the message initializing display parameters.  Numerous Community posts of this error with no solution or responses posted as to how to fix. Please advise.



You wouldn't happent to have AVG ???


Do you mean the AVG antivirus software? No I have mcafee on my PC but the same is happening on my macs 


macs in a windows enviorment ??

>run > services.msc

check if the Teamviewer service is running.

If not start it...else restart it.


Hi all.

In first place, sory if this post is out of the right blog.

I have a problem. I'm trying out TeamViewer 12 Final and added another computer of mine to make the remote connection. This other computer appears to me as offline. I already checked the firewall and remote access. someone can help me?



I have uninstaled Teamviewer 12 and reinstalled the older version which still works perfectly.

There is def a problem with version 12.



Did TV send you an email to approve the new puter???