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Posted by WhereIsSupport

How to Post

i have joined the forum today
how can i post a new question ?

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Posted by Senior Moderator Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator

Re: How to Post

Hello @WhereIsSupport,

Thank you for your message. 

The easiest way to post a new thread is to scroll to the bottom of the main page:

2018-11-26 11_08_50-TeamViewer Community for TeamViewer topics.png

Simply click 'Start a topic' below 'Couldn't find what you are looking for?'

To add a message to any thread, simply click 'Reply' or 'Quick Reply' below the thread itself:

2018-11-26 11_11_41-TeamViewer and telephone meeting's - TeamViewer Community - 49380.png


Josh P.
Senior Moderator

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Posted by WhereIsSupport

Re: How to Post

but that does not works. It keeps saying fix errors in highlighted area but whatever i try of do, nothing works. Only the quick reply works but also not always.