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Posted by Community Manager
Community Manager


You may have already seen a button under most of the posts in the Community, which is called Kudos.

Maybe you saw it and asked yourself: what is Kudos and what is this button all about?

Well, even though I have read a lot about the history of this word...I don´t want to bore you and so, I will supply a brief definition:

Kudos is very positive and giving someone Kudos means that you liked what the author wrote.

Kudos is as simple as that :-)


How to give someone in the Community Kudos?

This is very easy: Just click on the thumb. After you kudoed it, the thumb turns blue.


If you click on the part where it say Kudo, you can also see who else gave Kudos to this post.

Kudo_new_1.pngWhy does TeamViewer ask for Kudos in the Feature Request Board?

We would like to know, how many TeamViewer Users would like to have a specific feature and so, we are just counting the Kudos a feature request gets.

And what is more appropriate than giving Kudos to a great idea?

Thank you for reading and if you like this post: Give a Kudo :-)

2 Replies
2 Replies
Posted by designworks

Re: Kudos?!

Hi @Esther,

I had to search for this thread to find out how to use the Kudos button because it just didn't seem to work for me everyone time I tried to use it.

As help ful as this post was to getting it working for me, it's pretty bad UX having such a small clickable target to give Kudos. I have tried and failed on many occasions to give Kudos. It would always take me to the Kudos summary page.

In all but my my most recent attempt I have given up because I just could figure out in a timely manner how to give Kudos.

Can I suggest making it much easier to give Kudos to a post by enlarging the clickable target? I'd be surprised if I'm not the only one who is having this issue. I'm sure the rate of people giving Kudos will increase as a consequence.

Posted by Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Kudos?!

Hi designworks,

It is great to hear, that this article was helpful for you :-)

And I agree, it is challenging to click the little heart to give kudos. Let´s see, if we can make it a little bit easier for all of us to give Kudos!

I will forward this internally.

But since you figured out, how it is working, I am hoping for some Kudos from you ;-)