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Two factor authentication for machine access?

I know two factor authentication is an option for management accounts, but is there a way to enable 2FA for access on a single computer?

I would like to receive a message on my phone if someone tries to access my computer.

I don't work for TeamViewer. I'm just a user.
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Re: Two factor authentication for machine access?

Hi @Chiron,

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Unfortunately neither of these are currently possible and would be feature requests.

The 2FA option is currently considered to be covered by a "Whitelist". As TeamViewer is very account-based, if you place a whitelist on the device and 2FA on your account, 2FA would protect the device. However I have still raised this as an idea.

The notification option is also a very good idea!

I have put these in our ideas board:
2FA Protection for accounts
Notifications for connections to devices

If anyone else would also like this, please kudo those ideas in the ideas board.

I hope this helps!
- Scotty

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