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Always Mute Microphone

First, I don't use Teamviewer for confrences or voice chat, it is only used to remote into other devices. I'm shocked that teamviewer is automatically capuring my mic to broadcast to the remote side. This is a major security and privacy issue that needs to be turned off.

According to the topic here:
I should have a mute button but I don't have one for the microphone, all I have is this:
2020-06-03 16_22_21-TeamViewer options.png
How can I get the check box back to shut off the microphone?

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Re: Always Mute Microphone

the auto conferencing is litterlt cutting the sound of my headset, stoping me from hearing any skype calls, i went to prefferences and any tab out side of auto conferencing, sound fine, soon as i go to that boom sound drop, and no visable way to disable it.


My system is also set to give nothing poriorty contorl, nice to know team viewer is over riding user set contorls on there pc, starting to wonder at this point if this is even a safe program.