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False Positive on Teamviewer installer 14.1.18533 (Latest version)

Dear all, 

I am getting the following information when I am scanning the latest version available, see the below link:

[link removed per Community Guidelines]

I reckon its a false positive but we won't deploy it to production until we have confirmation, can anyone from the official channels @TeamViwer confirm this? 

Thank you 



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Re: False Positive on Teamviewer installer 14.1.18533 (Latest version)

Hello @maximillian 

Thank you for your post.

TeamViewer is neither a trojan nor a virus if it has been downloaded from our website via https://www.TeamViewer.com

Due to frequent changes of Antivirus and firewall software it is possible that TeamViewer is misclassified. In this case, please PM me with the following:

1.) Name of the Antivirus software you are using
2.) The error message (preferably as a screenshot)
3.) The version number of TeamViewer
4.) Definition file version

I will forward this to the appropriate team so we may resolve any false positives.

Thanks in advance!

Josh P.
Senior Moderator

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