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Large Up/Down Remote Cursor Shadows Host Cursor

In attempting to access/control a new iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, 2017) running Mac OS 10.13.4 (High Sierra) from a 27 inch late 2009 iMac also running Mac OS 10.13.4 via the free version of Teamview, I get a large  Up/Down Remote Cursor which Shadows the Host Cursor making it almost impossible to effectively control the host cursor. In the initial set-up the new iMac for a friend to be installed at his home in a distant city, I am simply trying to control it from across the room (that is using the same IP both in and out) which worked fine to connect and control his old 20 inch early 2008 iMac which I had wiped and installed a fresh copy of 10.11.6 (El Capitan). When I tried to do a screen shot of the shadow cursor leaving only the cursor in the host window. At times the shadow cursor would switch to a typing cursor. I have been unable to get it to go away, though. Any assistance in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Boyd