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Licence won't link to free account - going in circles

Having a nightmare with a bought single user licence I bought (bought a few and rest are fine works brilliantly) bought so members of staff could work from home. 
had some issues activating the licence due to a mistyped email but that seemed sorted.
He has been using well but says Free Account - didn't worry as working. Today it says that trial period has expired.
Can't move on from this - if I reclick the activation lick in original email it says it already assigned. If he logs in it says free and expired. Deleted free account but it just recreates.
Tried a new email address with activation account and it says alloctaed to another email address. Login with his adress Token Invalid.
Basically going in circles!
How do either:
I link what i have paid for with his free account.
Delete free bit so it doesn't reappaear
soemhow reset back to start and redo?

Currently have a paid for account he can;t use and a free account that he can't use.