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MacBook audio won’t pass through teamviewer

Hi, I’m hoping someone can help.

My Friend and I are trying to listen to ableton on each other’s MacBooks through TeamViewer. We are able to see each other’s screens but no audio is passing?

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Re: MacBook audio won’t pass through teamviewer

Hi @Flexso

Thanks for posting.

Unfortunately, remote audio is currently only available when connecting to Windows OS.

If you are connecting to a Mac, due to restrictions in the operating system it is not possible to hear the sound on that computer.

You can have audio when connecting from a Mac or other OS to Windows OS.

This is in as a feature request but I cannot say if or when this will be implemented sorry.


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Re: MacBook audio won’t pass through teamviewer

Good to know this. It's over a year later. I want to connect from ipad to macbook and see and hear on the ipad what's going on on the macbook.

It would really help to have audio between iOS machines.