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Recent unapproved access

Recently, while I was at work, someone remotly logged into my computer with the name of "Administrator." They were going through my emails, trying to login to my bitcoin account, looking through as much as they could it seemed to try and steal my information. I caught them at the very end but they left a trail of websites they were trying to get in. Is there a way to secure my account?

I set up 2 factor auth, but that seems like it is only for logging into the application. I would like it for when I am connecting to any device in my list.

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Re: Recent unapproved access

Hi @philipt99 

Thank you for your post.

I am sorry to hear what happened to you.

Please have a look at this article about TeamViewer and Scamming and report what happened to you via this page: Report a scam.

We also highly recommend to use the latest version, as a user who uses an older version are not able to connect to newer versions. Customers with licenses for older versions can use the version they paid for.

Maybe the following article is also worth reading it: Black and whitelist

With a whitelist only the TeamViewer accounts that are listed there are able to connect to your device .

Hope this could help. Let me know, if there are any further questions.

All the best,