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Starting internet call kills audio

I've search previous postings and answers but don't see this exact issue.  When I connect to an unattended remote PC, the received audio and all desktop remoting is perfect.  On my end, the TV microphone volume bar moves perfectly when testing my mic but when I start an internet call, the received audio stops.   I see the remote audio device responding to my voice but I don't hear any remote audio.  As soon as I turn internet call off, the received audio is perfect again.  It appears to be simplex rather than duplex communication. I'm trying to listen to and talk through a radio on the remote PC.

Is this a TV issue or a Windows10 sound issue?  Has anyone fixed this issue?  I've tried changing the Windows sound device properties to/from "listen through this device", "let this device have exclusive cntrol", "default/communication device" and nothing in Windows seems to change the results.

Thanks for any ideas.