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TeamViewer reject cancelation

Dear Teamviewer, 
I bough teamviewer license last year. I just needed teamviewer for few month but there is only 1 option for a year. I already called and talked to someone that I could buy it for 1 year and I wanted to CANCEL it immediately  after 1 year (Please check the record). 
The Teamviwer license was just expried and it automatically charged me for another year. I emailed MANY TIMES about this issue and wanted to cancel the payment but teamviewer REJECTED and then didnt answer my email. 
I tried to explain it was NOT MY FAULT. I already request a cancelation long a go.

Please advice me who to should contact for this case. It is UNFAIR that I have to pay for the something that I dont use (I already moved job long time ago).  

Thank you