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Teamviewer 15 "Business license" displaying as "Free license"


We have a business license shared on few devices that for some display as Business and for me as Free. For some time it worked well even though it displayed the "Free" label, but recently it disconnects the session after a brief time, like 30 seconds after connecting making it unusable. 

When logging in to the web panel I see information about both being in Business plan and that my trial expired.

Afaik we should be able to use the license on 3 devices, so we might've exceeded the device limit and that would be the issue, but if so how can we manage those devices? Computer & devices section displays only my computer that I added recently when trying to solve this issue.

Tried going through activation link from mail, reinstalling the app, relogging multiple times but still same issue. 

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Re: Teamviewer 15 "Business license" displaying as "Free license"

Hi @Livechat_team,

Thank you for posting.

If you would like to transfer your TeamViewer Business license to another device, feel free to check out the steps from Add and deactivate device to TeamViewer Business license to move your license activation. 

Or kindly contact TeamViewer Support Team for further assistance.

Hope the information would be helpful to you.