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Teamviewer Connector Bug in Microsoft Intune

Hi together,

I am Experiencing a weird Issue/Bug and want to verify if others have the Problem too/its known or if there is something wrong with what I do.

There was a Problem with Uploading the Pictures so here is a direct link to them:


What I do/ What happens:

if I initiate a Teamviewer Session in Intune it wants to start Teamviewer 14.

After clicking on the prompt it opens the App and the following error comes up:

If I search for Updates I get the following Info:


What should happen/ What I expect:

Instead of getting an Error it should open the Teamviewer Session.



When I click on the prompt while Teamviewer is already open it opens the Teamviewer Session and no Error occurs.


I have tested this in two different Azure Environments, in the Webbrowser Brave, Edge and Firefox and a Coworker has the same issue when he tries to open Teamviewer Sessions to Android devices.

We are running the German Teamviewer Version on Windows 10 1909 Build 18363.778.


Kind Regards