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Terrible customer service, problems with licence renewal for weeks

Hi, I really do not know how to solve this. I contacted the support on phone, where they just said send the ticket - How? It redirects me here every time. Is there any other way than to starting a topic here?

My story: I am working at public university and I am using TeamViewer to access systems in my laboratory, which is very useful. Everything was working perfectly UNTIL our accountant missed email with new invoice for another year payment. Then there was a very big fine for late payment, but ok, everything was paid. This happened more than a month ago, but my licence is still blocked. Money was paid, but no service was recieved. On the phone they just told me, I have to prove the money was paid using a "ticket" on support. Well... this is a first time I see company like this has no clue what is happenig on their acount and I have to prove it. Ok, but how?


In conclusion, this is so terrible customer support that this is my last yer with TeamViewer (if I can recieve the service, which is already paid).

Can somebody please help me?

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Re: Terrible customer service, problems with licence renewal for weeks

Hello @navarikj,

Thank you for your message and welcome in the TeamViewer Community! 🙌

We understand 100% your frustration and we are sorry for the inconveniences caused.

Your payment proof has been uploaded today - your license will be unblocked shortly.

If you want an update, please call our support directly: https://www.teamviewer.com/en/support/contact/ 
I thank you in advance for your understanding.



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