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The program shows me a black screen

I need help, please
I cannot connect to another device
The program shows me a black screen
Although I am using your latest version
Please get help as soon as possible

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Re: The program shows me a black screen



I've seen this happen sometimes on Macintosh computers, and I usually find that if I change the screen resolution, then it works normally again. You should be able to do this on your end, once connected to the remote computer, by clicking upon the 'view' menu, then selected 'screen resolution' and change it there to some other settting (make a note of the original setting in case you need to change it back). Then, the screen changes from black to a normal viewable screen

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Re: The program shows me a black screen

Hi @Mohammed132 

Because there are many reasons to make this happen, could you please clarify some basic details like:

  • What is the operating system of the remote computer you are trying to connect to? In Windows 10 case, have you updated the graphics card drivers (see this post)?
  • On what version are you trying to connect - is the latest?
  • Which app is running to the remote (Quick support or Host)?
  • Are you a free user or licensed?


Is there any case that you are trying to:

  • connect to a laptop with the screen lowered?
  • or to a desktop without a monitor plugged on?
  • or pc without a monitor enabled?

Also at this post please give attention to Esther's replies. 


I would recommend you take a look at these posts and also to this post (according to a black screen) and to clarify all the above details, please.



Best regards