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Unable to expand to full screen and no option to use 2 monitors

I am working remotely from home and have TeamViewer set up from office computer which has 2 montors to home - also has 2 montors.. 

When we orginally set up Teamviewer the top panel taskbar (when in TeamViewer mode) had the 2 monitor icon & in the 'View' icon I had the option to change to 2 montiors. Now these icons are not showing anywhere and I also can't go to full screen mode on the 1 montior that is showing TeamViewer - I can see the icon to adjust to full screen but clicking on it just blackens out the desktop behind, it doesn't actually enlarge the TeamViewer screen view..

Help! It is so hard to work efficiently. Thanks!

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Re: Unable to expand to full screen and no option to use 2 monitors

Hello @deedeesn,

Thank you for your message. 🙌

We could not reprocude the behaviour with test devices. The icons are here. 🤷‍♂️

Could you please make sure to update TeamViewer to the latest version on both sides of the connection and see if it works again?

Best regards


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