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added user still says unlicenced


My work recently bought a team viewer premium licence and have set my self up as admin.I then added other user that will need to use team viewer to help with remote support.when they log in it still says unlicened, however on the managment console it says active.

Have i set this up wrong? the plan is to have 4 main users in our IT department with the rest of the company using the QS app so we can connect and support then



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Re: added user still says unlicenced

Hi @snicol

Thank you for your post and we are sorry for the late reply.

Can you kindly check the TeamViewer client version on TeamViewer -> Help -> About TeamViewer -> version please. If the version is the latest version of TeamViewer 15.1.3937, kindly relogin the licensed account again to test the license atatus; if the version is not the latest version of TeamViewer 15.1.3937, kindly update your TeamViewer client version to the latest version then login the licensed account for authorised uses. To confirm the license status, check on  TeamViewer -> Help -> About TeamViewer -> License.

If the check up steps above can not help in your case, kindly contact TeamViewer Support Team for further discussion please.