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email already in use which is not

I want to change my email address which when i validate it sais e-mail already in use. I have two simular addresses which one is ended with com and the another with org. I want to stop the com because of spam etc... but changing the address is not possible when i click the validation email it said the email already in use. To get support for this it is not possible only this kind of community issues. 


maybe something will help, but i believe it is something else related in the server of teamviewer.





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Re: email already in use which is not

Hello @johanvdsande

Thank you for your message.

I confirm you that both of your email addresses (which I will not post due to privacy) exist in our database. The one with ".org" and ".com".

So you have created two TeamViewer accounts. So use the ".org" one, you can directly connect to it within the TeamViewer app or via https://login.teamviewer.com/

I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here.



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