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open device manger when logged in with domain admin on quick support


I am currently using quicksupport to connect to an end users laptop, I use the windows authentication method, using domain admin credentials and connect successfully.
I can more or less do what I expect to do with the uac prompts (to input admin credentials) however if I wish to open device manager to add remove or modify drivers I am prompted that I am logged in as a standard user.

When the connection is initially made with the end user, I then choose windows authentication, teamviewer restarts on the end users laptop and the connection is made.
I'm either missing something or I'm not able to do what I want by default.
Has anybody run into this issue or could anyone tell me where I'm going wrong.

Teamviewer: 15.4
Host OS: Win 10 pro
Client OS: Win 7 pro Win 10 pro
Connection: Quick Support via ID and Session Codes

Thanks inadvance for any input...