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teamviewer event log


I am interested in logs for my PC when it was shutdown when it came online when i logged on and so on, complete detailed log list, is there something like that? Mainly need when it was shutdown/offline and when it came back online, it is crucial.

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Re: teamviewer event log

Hello rch1,

Most of what you want is built into Event Viewer, assuming we're talking about Windows. Shutdowns, user logon/logoff, and several reasons why a system may go offline are all available there. TeamViewer has asset monitoring which easily allows you to filter through all of the other logs and be alerted to just the events you're interested in. However, regarding the offline/online logs, I don't think I've actually seen a specific log ID that shows "system went offline" or "system went online" usually it's an error, like DNS Service stopped, so that one may require many different rules to be alerted, but the others you requested are almost always the same event IDs.

Let me know if you need further help!

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