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Bug report in user-facing text

The "Unable to connect" warning message (in English) contains the following text:

"Please tell your partner to check his/her internet connection".

The wording "his/her" is inaccurate because it is not inclusive. Some users of TeamViewer are non-binary, i.e. neither male nor female, and do not use either the pronoun "his" or the pronoun "her". This message therefore does not cover these users.

Please consider changing the wording to use the fully inclusive gender-neutral pronoun "their", i.e.:

""Please tell your partner to check their internet connection".

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1 Reply
Posted by Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Bug report in user-facing text

HI @gfhfjhgfhjfg 

Thanks a lot for your feedback! You have a very valid point.

I´ll forward it right away internally.

Thanks and best,


Community Manager

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