Posted by Kzoom

Can't get Portable Apps version past 'Could not verify' this device

Trying to replace GoToMyPC. Use it from browser at work to connect to PC at home, as we're not allowed to install software on company PC.
BUT I can run Portable Apps-format apps, like TeamViewer. Except it won't 'verify' my location. I get the email at my (non-company) account with the verification link, click the link, logon, and I can use the browser version. Works OK. But would like to use the (recommended) actual application from my Portable Apps flash drive. It opens, it lets me log on, but then it complains about verifying location, and around and around I go.

Text from verification email:  "We could not verify if your account has been used on this device before. To ensure your account's security, you need to add this device to your trusted devices before you can complete the sign in. Please follow the link to add this device to your trusted devices: Add to trusted devices