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Caught Unauthorized Access happening to pc

About 20 minutes after turning pc on today i notice someone log into my teamviewer and start moving the mouse about. I turned it off and checked online and i still only have 2 machines listed (the 2nd machine was off) and in the logs it just shows my usual username as signing in.

Im assuming they have my email adress and password (like most people i use them everywhere) but am still stumped as to how they got around new device authorisation. i had to get an email to authorise myself before logging into the website how come they didnt?

Are there any login logs anywhere with ip details or simmilar? I checked the log in Teamviewer folder but it just shows my username as logging in.

would welcome any general advice.


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Posted by Former Staff Jonathan
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Re: Caught Unauthorized Access happening to pc

Hi @gordon,

Thanks for your post.

Sorry to hear that someone connected to your computer without your authorization.

As you may have already done, we do recommend to change your account passwords and maybe consider using 2 Factor Authentication or Black/White list for additional security.

There are log files on your local TeamViewer and they can be accessed by clicking Extras>Open log files from the application.

We cannot actually determine how or who connected to your computer in the Community, so we ask that you contact our privacy department at

Hope this is helpful,


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