Client's hard disk constantly running.


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Client's hard disk constantly running.

When I'm connected to a client's computer, the hard disk's is constantly running. It will keep running over and over no matter how much time I wait. Is it normal? On some of the computer, I stay connected all day. Will it prematurely ware the HD? Does tihs can degrade the overall performance?

I'm using the version 15.2.2756


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Re: Client's hard disk constantly running.

Hi @MarcelDube 

I faced many times continually hard disk runing problems in Windows pc's and the main cause it was the Windows update Service runing in the background.

I would recomend you to manual stop for a moment this service from the Procces manager and not from Task manager and see after a minute the situation of the disk.

To go there, just right-click on "My computer" -> Manage -> at the bottom left you must expand the proccess manage list and the on the right side you can search the Windows Update Service.

I'm writing theese instrunctions from what I remember, as I'm not in front of Windows pc right now and I hope this to solve your issue.