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Posted by valebrown

Compatibility MAC and PC keyboard

Hi to everyone!

I'm a windows user and I use Teamviewer 13 to connect to a MAC. Obviously, there are some differences between Windows and MAC keyboards, but there are lots of guides on the web that give the correspondence keys between the two keyboards. For example, the "command" key on MAC is reproducible on the windows keyboard with the key "Start". Therefore, when I use my windows pc to work in remote mode trough TeamViewer on the Mac, I press the key "start" when I would like to press "command" on the mac keyboard. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. When I press "start", this function opens the icon start on my pc and nothing happens on the Mac. The function "command" is very important! One example is that when I want to select only some files from a long list of files.

Can this problem be fixed?

thank you!

2 Replies
2 Replies
Posted by ChristianBailey

Re: Compatibility MAC and PC keyboard

This seems like an important feature to add. Any update on whether it is being considered?

Posted by craig218

Re: Compatibility MAC and PC keyboard

This is driving me nuts. I work on a Mac, but almost every computer I log into is PC. I am endlessly hitting Command + C and having the windows start menu open. Even Remote Desktop Connection for mac has this figured out.


Please TeamViewer, this can't bee too hard. I just need a way to re-map keys from the client to host.