Posted by Joseph

Corporate license on web but free on client V12

At last, we have purchased the corporate license for Teamviewer..and Thank you for the temporary licenses for quiet some time...

This where the problem start, when I login to web console it stated that my account is corporate account and I am satisfied with that. But, when I am login using the V12 client, it stated free account, how could that be...I try many thing, searching for the answer but none found.

Then I sent and emails to the sales team, but it is already more then a week from the payment date (payment date arround 1 of March 2017) without solution. Please do help me on this issue...

And furthermore, I am supposed to get the license key for the purchased right?



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Posted by DomLan

Re: Corporate license on web but free on client V12

Hi Joseph,

Have you tried to look at this thread https://community.teamviewer.com/t5/Knowledge-Base/Business-License-Activation/ta-p/4326

It starts from purchase confirmation email.

Hope this helps.


Domenico Langone
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Posted by Joseph

Re: Corporate license on web but free on client V12

Thank you for your help Dom,

look like the problem lies on the license and the version. When I downgrade the client, it stated corporate account.

I just don't know if I eligible to upgrade to V12 though the purchase just happened in weeks.