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Delete TeamViewer account

Please Delete my TeamViewer account. I cannot delete it myself, because "the link Delete account is not shown". And administrator of TeamViewer company profile also cannot delete it in User Management, because my account is not displayed there. And cannot add.

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1 Reply
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Re: Delete TeamViewer account

Hello @Ihor_Bukovskyi 

Thank you for your post.

Please know that only the account holder is able to delete an account - we, nor the admin of the company profile, do not have the ability to affect user accounts in any way, including deletion. For your resolution, please see the following excerpt from this article:

2020-07-28 09_51_33-How do I delete my TeamViewer account_.png

The Delete Account option will only appear once the Company Admin has removed you from their Company Profile.

Once they have removed you, you will be able to delete your account as expected using the instructions in the above article.

Josh P.
Senior Moderator

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