Posted by alagalah

Disconnects after short period of time. Is this intended in "free" version?

I have used TeamViewer for 6months. Initially it worked perfectly. I am executing a script from a Mac client to a Windows10 headless target. The script takes 4-5 hours to run. 

All devices are on my home LAN and this is non-commercial use. I am happy to pay a subscription if that will resolve my issue.

As I said, initially it worked, but lately the connection will disconnect with a dialog box on the target (Windows10 headless) saying something along the lines "Thanks for using TeamViewer". 

If this is some sort of feature of the free version, where after some finite number of hours of use, you then get disconnected after a fixed period due to it being the free version, I am happy to pay for a license.

If not, then there is no point buying the license and what might be a fix?