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Drag and Drop file transfer/copy between Macs

I see PC users talking about Drag & Drop for transferring files between PCs. Does this work on Mac Teamviewer? I can't get it to work. I'm a new user trying to copy small files between my Mac and the one I'm supporting remotely. I can't seem to find an easy way to do this without a lot of changes to my workflow.

Related to this, I've tried to use the File Transfer popup in the center of the remote control window's title bar and I can't figure out how to select a source or destination on an external drive. All I see is my /Users/John folder and a single "/" labeled as type Root. And that only takes me inside my main System Folder. The interface in TeamViewer is not a normal Mac-style open/save dialog box. How do I get to other volumes?

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Posted by richwhite

Re: Drag and Drop file transfer/copy between Macs

I requested drag and drop for mac os back in November of 2014 so I don't think they are putting any effort into this...