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Emailadress already in use

Dear All


I am leaving my ISP and wanted to change  the Emailadress  which is in use for confirmations and so on.

I gave in the mailadress what I  reguraly use ( gmail) but TV says that that  mailadres  is allready in use.


Si I tried to  delete my current account  in order to start a new one  , but that seems to be impossible as well.

Anyone  who has THE  answer??

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3 Replies
Posted by DavidB

Re: Emailadress already in use

I don't think I have your answer but I have related question.

I am trying to add a user under 'User Management' in the Management Console but when I do I receive notification that email address already in use.

How do I find where it is in use and then change it?

Posted by DavidB

Re: Emailadress already in use

I found that I needed to log on as the user with the email address that was already in use and 

use the https://login.teamviewer.com/cmd/joincompany to move that email address to the required company account.

Posted by JedenTag

Re: Emailadress already in use

Do you still have access to the email account?

  1. From the TeamViewer Login Page click I forgot my password.
  2. Enter your email address and click change password.
  3. You will receive an email. Click the link inside the email and enter a new password twice.
  4. Go back to the TeamViewer Login Page and login with your new password. You may need to acknowledge a confirmation email if you haven't loged in before.