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Help for Windows XP

Please help. I am trying to help a senior in another state with their old Windows XP computer. I would like to know if a current or older version of Teamviewer could be installed on her old XP computer so that I can help her. It is, soooooo hard via telesupport. Please don't remind me that Microsoft doesn't support XP, I am aware of that as well as aware that the person I am helping doesn't have an extra thousand or two to get a new computer.

Thank you, Teamview is a fantastic product and have used it on Win 10 and Android 7 with great success. But XP.......

Jon T

Thanks again for your help and expertise.

Jon T:manhappy:

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2 Replies
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Re: Help for Windows XP

Hi Jon,

Thanks for posting :)

We still support XP in V13 as long as it is SP3. We won't stop you installing the software on previous service packs either, but it isn't recommended.

Please see our list of supported OS

And of course we know XP is still widely used world wide, this is why we have continued support for this OS.

If you are not going there to install it yourself, I would recommend QuickSupport from our download page as it is a click and run program, then update to the host or full version from Files and extras > Install.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Help for Windows XP

Scotty, thank you for the support!  I also run Win XP SP3 on a computer buried in a museum wall 5 hours drive away.  TeamViewer is nagging me to upgrade, but I'm afraid that it might fail.  You mentioned QuickSupport, and it might help me:  Can I install QS on the XP system while the old version of TeamViewer is running?  My idea is to have the QuickSupport running as an alternate connection, just in case the TV update fails.

I appreciate any advice you (or anyone else) can provide.  Thanks!!