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Posted by take00

I lost my email account.

I remember my account and password but I can not remember my email address and I can not sign in because I can not authenticate my email.
The account is [account name removed] and I can not log in because I can not find my email address.
If the mail of [Emailaddress removed], the mail can not be used due to termination of service.
It's an iPhone account, but there's no way for the iPhone to check the mail on that account.
How should I handle this?

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Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

RE: I lost my email account.

Dear @take00

Thank you for your post. To protect your personal data, I send you a private message.

For data protection reasons, please do not post any personal information like emailaddresses, names...

Thank you for your understanding. :smileyhappy:

Best regards.

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