Posted by JuanDAdame

I wont use anymore Teamviewer

After years of using teamviewer in my home and company, its time to say goodbye.

In my company i have multiple licences that wont be renewed anymore, and the reason its the nowdays polity of "no commercial" use. When im at home, i use to use teamviewer to connect to my laptop and place something in the TV, to connect and transfer some files from that PC to another or to check a things in my PC.

This last months has been a total nightmare for me, its telling me whole time that im using teamviewer comercially and im not, the one that i use comercial is in my bussiness and i paid my licences. The last time i had to wait more than 15 minutes to connect to my laptop to be able to transfer a file. The good thing is that i used that 15 minutes to look around internet and found **Third Party Product**, which is just what i need and im not being harrased anymore about "comercial use" for use it just to check things between my phone my PC and my laptop.