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Limit of TeamViewer installation has been reached

I have just purchase a business license and I am getting an error when I try to log in to my account: "Install limit reached. With your edition, you may use TeamViewer only on a limited number of devices. Please either deactivate an existing install in your account settings or upgrade to a higher edition."

I have never found this error with my previous free account... strange

Anyway, when I go to my profile/License I can see that I have only one instalation and 7 remains. Why I can't use Teamviewer at any other device???  Any help?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Limit of TeamViewer installation has been reached

Hi @aleonc


The Business license can only be used from up to 3 devices.

So the license follows your account and when you sign in, the license is applied to that device. So this means you can only sign in and use the license from 3 devices.

This is not a restriction of the free license. The restriction of the free license is that it cannot be used for commercial use.

You can see more information on the activation process here


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Re: Limit of TeamViewer installation has been reached

So, you actually discourage people from paying for your software? I wanted to support you, and purchased the Business licence, and now I can't even check the state of my four coumputers at home (mine own personal laptop, my wife's, an old laptop through which a printer is connected, and a stationary game PC). Plus a phone, from which I could check what's happening at home, and now it says go to **bleep**, the limit of installations is reached. It looks like you don't need money at all?