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Posted by DKeim49

Lock on Exit

I use my Teamviewer internally on about 10-12 different computers in my house.  When I connect to my main computer (2010 Mac Pro) upstairs from a downstairs PC Windows 10, it comes on as locked.  I go to Action and unlock it and do my work.  When I am done, I exit teamviewer.  However, when I go upstairs to my Mac, I find it locked.  Why is this happening?

3 Replies
3 Replies
Posted by bartlanz

Re: Lock on Exit

In the TeamViewer Options, Go to Options>Advanced >Show Adanced Settings> (Scroll down to) Lock Remote Computer and set it to "Never" 

I beleave you need to do this from the computer that you are doing the remote control from. But I would check it on the rest on principal. 

If you end up needing to do a bunch of custom settings. At the bottom of the Advanced screen you can export your settings to a .Reg file. that can then be imported on the other machines.

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Bart Lanzillotti
Posted by Listerman

Re: Lock on Exit


Even with the correct settings the remote machine still getting locked.

Posted by Sikosis

TeamViewer use to not lock until the latest update. Very...

TeamViewer use to not lock until the latest update. Very frustrating.