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Posted by waffels

Lost access to Authenticator



Due to recently IOS updates I had to wipe my phone and restore it. Unfortunately, it was too late before I remembered I needed to unlink teamviewer from my authenticator. I looked high and low for my recovery code and I couldn’t find it. Now, I’m unable to add any new devices to my account, or even log into the website. The multiple PCs I have are still logged in and accessible and I have physical access to all of them, and I have access to the email account. Is there any way I can get my account reset via a call/text to my phone, or an email to my email address? Or is the only way to get my account back by finding the recovery code?

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1 Reply
Posted by Cinu

Re: Lost access to Authenticator

I have been in this situation a while back. The only resolution by the Admins is to delete your old account, allowing you to re-create it using your primary email.

There's apparently no way around it.

Below, quote from the support email I had received:

"Due to our policies we cannot unlock the account without the recovery code. All we can do is to delete the account and let you recreate it using the same (or different) email. Would like like to proceed with deleting the account?"