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Posted by BlackMouses

Lost recovery code but still have a login

Hi guys! 

My phone died and I dig into my email but didn't find any recovery code... Most probably it went into trash inbox and got self deleted. (This is something you guys need to fix because I have several others from you with ads and services that go into normal inbox instead of going to trash inbox!!! I still have emails from you sent very long time ago! Smart move no?)

Anyways I have several live logins (with keep login option) in my computers and my partners's computers and I still have access to account.

The problem is that even having access to account I cannot disable/reset the 2-factor authentication without that recovery code but guess what?! I CAN BUY A LICENCE and recover my authentication code!!!

This leads me to think that this is 100% a trap to let users experience a total account loss after using 2-factor funcionality and force them to buy a licence to recover the code. 

There's no point to have a previous valid login (done with 2-factor) and not being able to deactivate this option, right?

That's just my guess!  Thanks for reading, now I'm free to fly with Gods and search for better user support... 

I'm pretty sure the answer will be the same as I just read acroos the boards but anyways I wanted to leave my message, maybe somebody will read and make something... (NOT)

Cheers guys and take care with the bite!!!

With love,