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Posted by alavarre

Meetings: Panel does not appear

I'm under TV12 but this links says I should be able to start a meeting and I cannot.
To host an instant meeting, follow these steps:
1. Start TeamViewer.
2. Click the Meeting tab.
3. In the Host meeting area click the [Presentation] icon.
4. You just started a meeting.The TeamViewer Panel will open (see Section 3.7 , page 25)

Except that it doesn't. The window just drops.

3.7 Overview of the TeamViewer PanelThe TeamViewer Panel provides different functions during a meeting.After the start of a meeting, it will open on the side of the initiator as well as on the side of theparticipants.

But again, it does not appear at all on the side of the initiator. So I do not know its ID and cannot invite participants.

I can create a new meeting, albeit not an instant one:
<Meeting > My Meetings > New Meeting > Subject > New Meeting > Start > [Now] >Start

But the same occurs: The screen drops, the Panel does not appear. On the remote machine a blank window appears.

So how to fix and also, in this forum window, how to have the font be BLACK, not grey?

TIA, Andy