Posted by martinu

Moving computers from one account to another

I created an account using an email address that I no longer have access to - the ISP disabled the account with no prior warning :-(

I can still log into that account and access the various computers in the group from each other, but I want to make sure I don't get caught out in the future.

If I create a new account using a new email address, is there any restriction that might prevent me adding computers that are members of the old account to the new account? Do I have to delete the computers from the old account, then log in to the new account and add the computers to it?

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3 Replies
Posted by mLipok

Re: Moving computers from one account to another

There is no problem with that.
You can add the same contact to new account.

My question is why you create new account instead login to old acount and change email in your profile ?

mLipok , AutoIt MVP

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Posted by LRBrown

Re: Moving computers from one account to another

My basic problem, perhaps due to free account so far, is timing out during a remote connection to help a user on a different network and with a different account.  The settting and slider for no time out or an longer time out doesn't seem to work. It would also be OK to just log back in with the last valid password, which once worked but stopped working for me, as it now requires a new password when the user is no longer available.  Is there some setting that would fix that? Maybe adding a Personal Password for unrestricted access? Or does that also require qranting Easy Access?  And if so, can that work from another account?  If not, can I add the my device to the remote user's account or add his account or device to my TV installation for this purpose?

Sorry if this is easier than it seems to me.  Thanks for any advice.

Posted by sargonv

Re: Moving computers from one account to another

Because it can not be done on a free version of the program. And logging through the browser is impossible because browser authentication is required via same unavailable email.