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New to Teamviewer Corporate, Get Me Started!

My Company has recently purchased corporate level licensing for Teamviewer after using individual licensing for almost two years;  so we are now looking at setting up our management console.

I would like to know other's experience in getting this set up; did you have any pitfalls, any curveballs, or was there any features you wished you looked into sooner?

As well, I am wanting to look into, if possible, anyway to automate machine importing, so that we can get to using the policy tools immediately at an enterprise level of management; is it possible to share PC list, or combine them for multiple users? Or is this something we have to build over time?

Any advice for a beginner to Corporate Licsensing will be appreciated; I have been binge-watching videos and reading articles in the meantime.

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Re: New to Teamviewer Corporate, Get Me Started!

Hi @ZachatCDMS

Welcome to the TeamViewer Community.

For getting started with the User Management I recommend you to have a look at @Alfonso588s video about the User Management. Click here.

Enjoy watching!