Posted by JustusLM

No Audio in Adobe Premiere

I'm using TV wo access my home PC from my laptop and I want to edit some footage in Adobe Premiere Pro. However, this doesn't really work because TV for some reason doesn't stream the audio from Premiere Pro. All other sounds work, only Premiere doesn't.

Now, I should note that Adobe Premiere Pro, even when the sound device is configured not to give applications exclusive control, still manages to take exclusive control over the sound device, meaning that in normal use of the PC, when Premiere Pro is running, I can only hear it and nothing else. Accessing the PC via TV, the opposite is the case. I can hear everything else, but not Premiere. I've tried changing the exclusive control option which changed nothing, even when using the PC directly (I also haven't found an option within Premiere Pro that influences this), and I've tried using different audio devices, which, after restarting the session, gave me all audio again, except for Premiere.

I haven't found anything on this issue, and I don't know if it's rather an issue with Adobe Premiere or with Teamviewer, but I thought I'd ask here anyway.