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Please delete my account.

I can't access OTP and recovery code because I lost my phone. Please delete the account that I used. This account is a new one for help. I know the email and password of the account I was using. What do I have to do to delete my account?

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Re: Please delete my account.

Hi @SPRiA 

Thank you for your post.

Are you able to login your TeamViewer account again on TeamViewer Management Console?

  1. Yes,  go to your Profile on TeamViewer Management Console, then select the button of Delete account from the popup window. Please note that once you have complete the action of delete account, all the contacts and computers and other setting related to this account can not be retrieved. Kindly save and transfer the information you need before account deletion.
  2. No, kindly Private Message me about your TeamViewer account. Once the information is received, we will follow up your request with your confirmation.

Hope it helps.